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About Us



We planted Compass Church with a simple goal in mind: to hear the words of Jesus and obey them together. For many in our city, "church" can be intimidating and confusing. But Jesus offers radical hospitality, space for questions, and an open invitation to any who are broken down or beat up by religion. Come explore the good news of Jesus with us.


Click a link below to find out what we believe, how that shapes life at Compass, who's leading the charge, and why Compass.


For all of us, what we believe shapes how we live. Here are a few core beliefs at Compass Church that shape how we live together. While we hold these beliefs, we know folks come from different backgrounds and land at different places.
At Compass, we invite you to “belong before you believe."

Every person is created in the image of God and designed to have a relationship with him. This happens through Jesus Christ, the son of God.

We are created for meaningful relationships with others. We believe discipleship happens in community and we make it a primary emphasis of Compass Church.

God offers healing, justice, freedom, and provision, and invites us to join him in that mission.

God's Spirit works in us and empowers us to do the things God is asking of us.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is truly good news. Celebrating the good news of Jesus is one of our greatest joys.

Jesus loves Jonesboro. Our commitment is to this city and we are excited to see what Jesus does among us!


We all organize life around practices that bring meaning and joy. Here are a few of the practices we pursue together at Compass.
Hear & Obey
We long to keep things simple by hearing from Jesus and obeying what He calls us to do together.
We want to regularly demonstrate our need for wisdom, guidance and power by making prayer commonplace.
Follow the Spirit's Leadership
While it's tempting to be pragmatic, we need real help and seek to rely on the Spirit to point us to Jesus.
Set an Open Table
We want many in our city who have yet to connect with the church to find a seat at the table of Jesus.
Gather as Friends
We seek to push against the subtle business and isolation of our culture and gather often as friends who enjoy one another.
Serve Others
Living for something beyond ourselves, we aim to serve each other and our city as an expression of Jesus’s servant heart.


Elders (Servant Leaders)
Leadership is important for every family and organization. At Compass Church, we believe the most effective and loving leadership is servant leadership. We submit to the servant leaders—called “elders"—of Compass Church.

As a young church, Compass Church has many volunteers who serve in a variety of roles. Our Lead Minister is Chris Harrell. Learn more about Chris and his family in the next section.

As we continue to grow further staff will be added to train and equip our church family to follow Jesus together.


We get it. Anytime something new shows up—especially a church in Jonesboro—we all have questions. Click a question below to discover more about why we planted Compass Church.
Does Jonesboro need another church?
The hope for the city of Jonesboro is not simply "another church". We believe the hope for Jonesboro is found only in Jesus. So why plant Compass Church? There are a number of great Jesus-proclaiming churches around town. But there remain many across Jonesboro who have yet to connect to a church. If the church were offering a 'gospel buffet', you might say there is room to add some expressions of the church for those who have yet to connect. Kind of like adding some organic dishes or farm-to-table options to a traditional buffet.
Is this something coming to Jonesboro from out of town?
Nope. All of us involved are from here and long to serve our community.
Are you accountable to anyone outside of yourselves?
We are a church plant with the Southwest family of churches. Our relational connection ensures we do not veer off course and offers us the support necessary to be up and running much faster than going it alone.
Did you plant Compass to 'scratch your own itch?'
No, the leaders of Southwest prayerfully realized over time the need for another expression of the church to connect with more folks in our city. Our aim is for Compass to be a church for you, not us!


Chris Harrell loves helping others follow Jesus. He began serving youth here in Jonesboro in 2001 at Southwest. His leadership and ability to bring others together was quickly evident. He was instrumental in rallying youth across several churches to participate in summer service projects throughout our community.

In 2008, Chris transitioned to Associate Minister at Southwest. In his role, he helped many grow in their understanding and enjoyment of the gospel through his teaching, counseling, and leadership development.

Chris' hope to see many more in Jonesboro experience the grace of Jesus birthed a desire to plant a church. Together with the leaders at Southwest, Chris and his family began exploring what it would look like to partner with a core team out of Southwest. The aim from day one has been to plant an expression of the church focused on radical hospitality, rich grace, and regular people learning to follow Jesus together in the everyday mess of life.

Together with his wife Polly and two boys, Jake and Isaac, Chris led a small group to begin living out the calling and core principles of what has now become Compass Church. Beginning with one house church, Compass now gathers weekly and continues to multiply house churches so that many more can find grace, follow Jesus, and move forward together.

For more about the Leadership at Compass Church, click 'Leadership' in the section above.


Finding a church home can be intimidating. Nobody likes feeling like an outsider. Below you'll find three great ways you can begin to connect at Compass Church. Come to a gathering, check out a House Church (small group), or drop us a line with you question.
Tell us how we can serve you.
Thanks for reaching out.